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Sadrac Junior Acceus a.k.a Jei Bandit is a rapper, singer and producer born in Montréal, raised in Orlando Florida and currently residing in Laval. Each song or project Jei makes is the soundtrack to a story in his mind. There are characters, themes, plot twists and a blend of emotions.

His style mixes ambient landscapes with intricate electronic plucking melodies and brooding basses that anchor it all down perfectly with creative flows and lyrics to top it all off. His influences range from Flying Lotus to Kid Cudi, Eestbound, Sean Leon and many others. 

In August 2016, he released his first mixtape "Lone", an aggressive but ethereal hardcore project, a prelude to his upcoming EP titled "Bolt". The entire project is a remix of artist's Fifty Grand tracks titled "Severed Arm", "Occulus" and "No Pulse". In November 2016, Jei dropped "Bolt" EP. This 7 songs project has some insane production by Jei himself along with Jamvvis, knwbe and Octn and features from KARYKE, knwbe and lunadeth. This EP is a little bit all over the place, but nonetheless is an absolute piece of art, something that Jei mentioned had taken over a year to create. In December 2017, he released a mixtape entitled "Kill Pigs Crown Wolves", an aggressive cape of six tracks to end the year. He collaborated with the crypt, YAMA / SATO and shyguy and delivered a chaotic story with a riotous narrative: it’s about killing the pigs, crowning the wolves and inciting a revolution.

Jei Bandit founded WYDWYA a multi-faceted platform for dope content of all kinds that brings together rappers, singers, producers, film makers and all sorts of artists for the sake of pushing boundaries and shedding light on all the amazing creators the world could be missing out on.

The soul is strong in this man and he is very promising. This is the beginning of an amazing journey for this young artist . We look forward to growing and creating with him!